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"What is esports? I sometimes hear in news and newspapers, but I don't know much about it."
"How long is esports famous in Japan?"
Due to such doubts, I decided to produce such a site.

In Japan, the culture of esports has not spread much yet.
It is a fact that there are many communities related to esports, etc., as the tournament has been opened often in Japan.
However, as there are few people who have seen the game of esports, it's not very popular.
Therefore, we think that there are many possibilities in the development of esports culture in Japan.
More values may be created by esports, and people's lives may be enjoyable.
Or, many people may regret, "At that time, if we had taken such measures earlier, we could reduce dependence".

We believe that what is important is "each of us understands this problem firmly", and "thinking of the solution on our own".
For that, it will be necessary to study esports in more detail.
We are very pleased if someone thinks about this kind of thing and it got the chance to investigate oneself as well.

Finally, We would like to thank the people who cooperated in the production of this site.

A person of JeSU who gave an easy-to-understand answer to a question by e-mail.
Junior of the leader who cooperated in interviewing students who went to the Tokyo Game Show.
All teachers and students who cooperated in the school questionnaire.
Coach teachers who gave me various advice and people concerned.
English teachers who corrected English sentences.
Thanks to the support of many people, this work has been completed.

Also, we are sincerely thankful to everyone who read this website.
Thank you very much.

Team "Future sports!?esports"
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