Problem (review)

How to make the esports culture more permeating in Japan
What is necessary for dissemination of esports


In order for esports to become widespread, it is necessary to overcome three things: dissemination is not advanced compared to overseas, resistance to recognize esports as sports, and no countermeasures for gaming disorders..

To make esports famous, it is needed to make more popular activities spread by various companies and governments today.
In order for many people to enjoy watching the game of esports, it is necessary to invest the commentary and explanation of the game.
Also, the range and application of laws related to prize money is unclear, which is an obstacle to expanding the scale of the event.
We should proceed with the discussion on the interpretation of the law, and if necessary we should amend the law such as easing the limit on the maximum amount of prize money.

In order to eliminate the resistance to classifying the games as sports, it is necessary to break the image "sports = physical education".
We should prepare and publicize the environment to practice and play just like any other sports.
It is necessary to gradually change the public perception of esports over time.

Low recognition of game disorders is an important issue.
The Japanese government should hurry public dissemination to the public regarding game disorders.
Also, it's necessary to take measures on a large scale for gaming disorders by referring to examples of Korea and other "esports developed countries".
In order to refer to examples with other addictions, it is also effective to increase the place to discuss various addictions.

Things we can do

For the development of esports, we need to acquire correct knowledge on esports and gaming disorders and know the current situation.
Gaming disorders especially have few precedents in Japan.
So, we should look for examples that can be applied to dealing with game disorders with reference to examples in other countries and examples of other addictions.