esports events

Various events

In recent years, esports has become popular, and the recognition of esports is rising in Japan.
And various events of esports began to be held.
Following is an example of the event of esports held in Japan in 2018:

February 9th to 11th, 2018 Japan Amusement Industry Association (JAIA) held "Japan Amusement Expo 2018".
(Joint holding with "Toukaigi 2018" held by Niconico and Gz Brain)
Stage events and competitions on various arcade games were held.
June 17, 2018 Avex Entertainment Inc. held "RAGE 2018 Summer".
The total prize money of the competition has reached about 20 million yen, and total visitors exceeded 3.5 thousand when including qualifying.
September 16, 2018 Avex Entertainment Inc. held "RAGE 2018 Autumn".
A live by virtual popular YouTuber on the net was also carried out.
September 20th to 23th, 2018 The Computer Entertainment Association (CESA), Nikkei BP Inc. held "Tokyo Game Show 2018".
668 companies / organizations from 41 countries / regions exhibited

Tokyo Game Show 2018

What kind of thing is the esports convention?
Is it possible to enjoy people who do not know the game too much?
To verify them, we went to "Tokyo Game Show 2018".
Following is a report of the event:

Until entering the hall

I arrived at the venue Makuhari Messe around 10 o'clock.
Many people were already lined up, including those who purchased the tickets.
makuhari messe

Before entering the venue, there was a simple baggage check.
I think that it was dealt with in response to the fact that there was a case of shooting guns at the venue of esports convention in the United States.
Although it took a while to enter the hall, it did not bother me much.

However, because it was only to show the contents of the bag even though it was an inspection, it really made me worried whether there was an effect to deter crime.
I thought it would be done with a metal detector.

There are two stages in the corner of "esportsX", and various game matches were done in each.
I watched 5 games of Puyopuyo (a puzzle game) and Tekken (a fighting game) each.
esportsX stage

A simple rule for those who do not know about Puyopuyo

  1. Those two blocks connected (= "Puyo") will fall from the top of the screen.
  2. When four Puyo of the same color are connected, Puyo disappears.
  3. If you erase Puyo, you can send "Ojamapuyo" to your opponent, which will not disappear unless Puyo is erased nearby it.
  4. If you erase Puyo consecutively or erase many Puyo at once, you can send a lot more Ojamapuyo.
  5. When Ojamapuyo is coming out, erase Puyo, you can reduce the number of Ojamapuyo sent.
  6. It will lose when the top of the screen is filled with Puyo or Ojamapuyo.

Puyopuyo rule

Impressions of the game

I did not know much about each game. Although I have not played particularly about fighting games, I felt it was very interesting to see how to organize a big chain or decide to attack in succession.
The venue was excited with scenes that offset a large amount of "Ojamapuyo" and decided consecutive attacks in a situation where almost no physical strength remained and aimed at reversal.
The idea of excitement, such as the effect of the attack being very flashy and the transition of the player's heart rate appearing on the game screen were taken.

Commentary was included in the commentary of the game, but I could hardly understand it.
Puyopuyo's game had some ingenuity to enjoy even those who never played commentary on rules, but when many technical terms come out, I can not understand the story.
Tekken is a kind of fighting games, so the rough rule is very easy to understand, but I did not understand it when it was a bit detailed.

I think that even people who do not know the game can enjoy it, but I thought that they seemed to get bored easily.
I felt that it was difficult to compensate for professional knowledge about games only with commentary explanation.
I thought that it seems to get excited if I gained knowledge about the game even a little.

In addition, when we asked 10 students who went to the Tokyo Game Show, they got various answers.
Following are some of them:

  • I want to play, I got interested
  • Fun to watch
  • It is exciting and unexpected
  • Not so interesting
  • Special effects are great
  • The audience was very excited
  • It was incredible.
  • I thought it was just a game
  • It's not a sport

In the commentary of the convention was devised to be able to watch and enjoy, but there were individual differences in whether it feels fun.
To be able to enjoy and enjoy everyone like football, further ingenuity may be necessary.