What's esports?

Esports is an abbreviation for electric sports.
And they're competitions using computers including PC games, video games and smartphone games.
Furthermore, they're held using game machines installed at amusement facilities.


Esports games have a lot of game titles, and each title has different rules, players, fans and competitions.
We can classify their game titles into five types:

  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
  • First Person Shooter (FPS)
  • Collectable Card Game (CCG)
  • Fighting Games
  • Other Smartphone Games


In European and American countries, people grasp that a sport is a kind of physical competition or activity.
So, “mind sports” such as chess and shogi (Japanese chess) also tend to be recognized as “sports” for them.
Contrary, in Japan, most Japanese people recognize a sport as a P.E.
So, few people think “mind sports” are sports.
That’s why it's a problem whether esports are played using a mouse or keyboard and hands.
The problem is whether or not "hand sports" are sports.
In addition, it isn’t clear that a physical activity is the definitoin of a sports.
So the Japanese government doesn’t have a clear definition for esports currently. sports

Benefits of esports

Esports is suitable for recreation that everyone can enjoy equally.
Some games can be enjoyed by normal people and handicapped people together.
There are also local governments that are paying attention to esports as a key to regional promotion, such as implementing the esports convention.
Various kinds of industries will develop, such as large corporations sponsoring the esports convention and financing the tournament, schools to nurture professional esports players are established.

"esports"? "eSports"? "e-sports"?

Because the word esports is new, the notation may be different depending on the media.

The notation in English is esports because the largest media outlet, AP communication, decided to write it like that.
So, the other types of media outlets will follow this notation.
Meanwhile, there is no event to decide how to notate esports in Japanese. Currently, many types media outlets are using "eスポーツ(スポーツ means sports in Japanese)" on TV and in newspapers.
However, some different types of media outlets have been using "Gaming sports".
We guess it's because most Japanese people don't recognize esports as a kind of sport.
It will be necessary to decide the notation of esports in Japanese in the future.
esports eSports e-sports